PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME IN PERMANENT MARKER-including backpacks, jackets and lunchboxes.

Any Combination of 3 tardies or early dismissals = 1 Absence,
9 Absences results in failure for the grading period, as per School Board Policy.

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PostHeaderIcon Teachers


Mrs. Wood


Mrs. Watson

Mrs. Yaws

Elementary Teachers

  -  1st grade and 2nd grade Math

- 1st and 2nd grade English/Language Arts                 

 - 3rd grade and 4th grade Math

-  3rd grade and 4th grade English/Language Arts



 Middle School Teachers

 Mr. Bartello - 5th- 8th grade Science

 Mr. Gatton - 6th grade World Geography, 7th grade Civics and 8th grade US History & 6th - 8th grade PE

 Miss Harmon - 5th grade English/Language Arts, Math and Social Studies

 - 6th grade English/Language Arts

 Mr. Pacana - 6th grade - 8th grade Math

 Ms. Prescott - Intensive Reading

 Ms. Steinberg - Advanced Reading



Special Area Teachers

Ms. Prescott - Guidance  Counselor

Ms. Brown - Gifted Education 

Mrs. Turnipseed - Speech & Language

 - Reading Coach  

Mrs. Willis - ESE/RTI



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